Volunteers are the heart and backbone of the ReStore.

Time and time again, our community has demonstrated its generosity through countless hours of volunteering. Through this collective effort put forth by volunteers and Habitat, families have been able to move into their very own homes – Thank You Volunteers!

The Rochester Area ReStore still aims to seek passionate individuals and organizations to join us in our fight against substandard housing in Dodge, Olmsted, Steele, Wabasha and Waseca counties.

Volunteers of all skill levels, races, and religions are welcomed! All training is provided.


Signing Up To Volunteer Is Easy! And we are very flexible with scheduling!

Contact us today, and let us help you get started! You can reach us at volunteer@rochesterrestore.org or 507-258-5505 ext.2


Check out the ReStore's volunteer positions for ideas on how you can help!

Cashier/Customer Service The most common tasks are assisting customers with their purchases at the register and answering questions about Sold items, Hold items, and Returns. Answering the phone when it rings to the register is another part of this position. Answering questions about item availability, hours and directions are the most common phone calls you will deal with. Other calls can be handed to a ReStore staff member.

Donation Acceptance/Processing/PricingThis position is physically demanding because it requires volunteers to help the donor remove items from his/her vehicle. The volunteer will offer both a donation receipt and coupon to the donor. If the donor wants a receipt, a short form will be filled out by the volunteer. Once the items are in the processing room they must be cleaned, organized, packaged and ticketed. These volunteers will sometimes put large items (cabinets/furniture/appliances) out to the sales floor with the help of rolling carts and hand trucks. The physical part of this job can be removed (see the next position description).

Processing/Pricing This position is less physically demanding. It is similar to the Donation Acceptance position, but we can accommodate a wide variety of abilities when it comes to sorting and pricing smaller items. Cleaning, packaging, organizing, and ticketing are the main jobs associated with this position.

Merchandising/Sales Floor –Merchandising includes everything from putting out carts of small merchandise to staging entire cabinet sets. Physical ability is nice but not required for this position. Other tasks include helping customers find specific items, answering questions about Sold items/Hold items/Returns, and cleaning/sweeping around the store.

Office/Data EntryWe have a few volunteers that will assist staff with data entry and addressing thank you postcards for donors.

Recycling/Demo/Scrap Volunteers in this position take apart metal things that the ReStore can’t sell. We recycle the metals at Watson’s and get a check for what we bring to them. Having knowledge of how to tell different kinds of metals apart and how to use different types of tools is a plus but not required.

Truck Unload/Donation Pick-upThis is a very physically demanding job. It includes going out with our donations ambassador, Dave, and doing pick-ups from peoples’ homes and from local businesses. The ability to lift 50 pounds is required. The in store portion of the position is assisting in unloading items from the truck once pick-ups have been made.

Contact Amanda to find out more and

to set an orientation and store tour! volunteer@rochesterrestore.org

 507-258-5505 ext.2

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