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The Store that Builds Homes!

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Meet the ReStore Team


The ReStore Manager: Abigail Davis

The ReStore Manager has a simple job; they are responsible for everything the ReStore does or fails to do. Abigail provides leadership and vision for the ReStore which is consistent with the overall mission and values set forth by the Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity and Board of Directors. She reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for staff management, internal and external public relations, donor solicitation and recognition, budget development and adherence, and oversight of the ReStore's operations. Abigail has over a decade of experience in retail and brings experience from both "Big Box" retail and small box and uses a blend of systems to meet the ReStore's unique challenges that come from having both paid staff and volunteers. 

Assistant Manager-Volunteer Engagement: Amanda Kintzi

The Assistant Manager - Volunteer Engagement coordinator is in charge of helping manage the store, volunteers and staff, while also coordinating, recruiting, training, scheduling and appreciating of our volunteers. Amanda is the first friendly face that many of our volunteers meet when they come to the ReStore. She gives orientations and store tours to interested individuals and helps them understand how much of an impact they have here at the ReStore and in the community through Habitat. Amanda is also in charge of food for the volunteer break room, and she likes to spoil the many volunteers that keep the ReStore running.

Sales Floor Coordinator: Ian Harkess

The Sales Floor Coordinator's responsibilities include maintaining a clean and presentable sales floor by working with volunteers throughout the store to ensure the ReStore's shopability. Ian makes sure high customer service standards are being met on the sales floor and in the processing room. He works with donors to make donations easy and as convenient as possible. Ian gets donated items to the sales floor quickly to help the processing room stay organized. Ian assists in training new volunteers in the ways of the ReStore.

Donations Ambassador: Dave Cline

The Donations Ambassador's job entails making sure that your generous donations to the ReStore find a way out of the space they are cluttering up in your home, garage, or storage area and making sure they make a safe journey to the ReStore, where they can transition into the empty spaces in another family's home. Dave makes sure that donors receive fast, friendly, and courteous service when he is on site, at your home or business, so that you'll want to tell all of your friends and family to donate their things as well! Dave is also in charge of overseeing the the scrap metal recycling program; aka the "Turning Garbage Into Gold" program. This program earns between $1000  and $1500 per month in revenue which helps to fund the projects that are completed by Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity. Also, Dave is sort of a Swiss Army knife, filling in wherever needed at the ReStore when the need arises. 

Donation Assistant  / Safety Coordinator: Danny Maloy

The Donation Assistant assists the Donation Ambassador in picking up donations and in leaving a positive, lasting impression on donors. Danny also helps Dave with the scrap metal recycling program and makes sure the metals are sorted correctly. As Safety Coordinator, Danny checks the store to make sure that everybody is working safely and that the store is meeting safety standards. In doing so, Danny gives customers and donors a fun, safe place to shop and experience the ReStore.