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Apply Now

Our application cycle is currently open! We are currently accepting applications for a 5-bedroom home in Rochester and a 3-bedroom home in Owatonna.  


You may download an application here (click the underlined "application here" or pick up a hard-copy packet from our main office

Our application window will be open from
April 15th- May 31, 2024 

While you prepare for completion of the application, the following items tend to take longer than a couple weeks to collect. Our application cycle is about 6 weeks long and you will want to start collecting the following items to include in your submission of the application: 

  • $30 fee for each applicant (Refundable if background check is not conducted)

  • Copy of residency document (see bottom of page)

  • Last 2 years of state and federal Tax returns (2022, 2023)

  • Paystubs for 2 months prior to application

  • 2 most recent credit card statements (if you have credit cards)

  • 2 most recent utility bills for each utility (electric, gas, phone, internet, sewer, trash)

  • Copy of your current lease

  • 3 most recent bank statements for each account held (savings, checking, investments)

  • 2 most recent statements or payment receipts of loan contracts (Car, student loans, etc)(If applicable)

  • Documentation of non-employment income (unemployment, worker's comp, social security, SSI, pension, housing subsidy) (if applicable)

  • Documentation of child support or alimony being received (if applicable)


Have questions?

Contact Our Homeowner Services Manager, Emily Gibbard,

507-361-4012 or

Acceptable Forms of Residency Documents


• Valid, unexpired US Passport                                                                              

• Certificate of Citizenship (N-560, N-561, N-645)                                                  

• Certified of Naturalization (N-550, N-570, N-578)                                         

• Re-entry Permit/Refugee Travel Document (I-327, I-571)

• Alien Registration Receipt Card

• Certified Birth Certificate (state issued)

• Certificate of Birth Abroad (FS-240, FS-545, DS-1350)

• Certified adoption certificate from a US court

• Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551)

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