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Board of Directors

Taylor Herman,  Profinium    Chair
David Legault,  Subartic Media    Vice Chair
Tracey Beyer, Think Bank    Secretary
Kathleen McNaughton, Mayo Clinic    Treasurer
Heather Barness, Velair Management

Adeline Abbenyi, Mayo Clinic    
Abdulahi Osman, New Dawn Education Group    
Cheri Block, Holy Spirit School     
Jeff Anneke, DBS Group    
Tara Rabe, Mayo Clinic    
Amy Novotne, Foresight Bank    

Cayce Bell, Federated Insurance

Adam Fuchsteiner, Sterling State Bank

Kandace Amazi (First Alliance Credit Union)

Norm Autry (Davis Mechanical)

Ben Trehey (Coulee Bank)

Ryan Williams (Mayo Clinic)

Board of Director  Members

Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity is seeking Board of Director Members to govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity (TRHH) in order to support the organization’s mission and needs.
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