Apply for the Habitat Homebuyer program today.
We are currently accepting applications for  a home to be built in Rochester, and a duplex to be built in Chatfield. 

Download the application below. 
Applications can also be mailed to you upon request, or can be picked up in person at our Rochester office, 1530 Greenview Dr SW, Suite 107, Rochester, MN 55902
All applications must be postmarked or received 

by Noon on December 14th, 2021, no exceptions.

Are you interested in applying?  Start by watching this video.
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I need a better place to live because my current home is overcrowded, deteriorating, or unhealthy?   Have I done everything I can to improve where I live, but it cannot or will not get any better?

  • Am I willing to spend hundreds of hours helping to build my own home before I see any payoff or results?  Can I work hard, consistently, toward my long-term goal of owning my own home?

  • Do I have a stable income and an ability to pay an affordable mortgage?

  • Can I share my life and my “story” with other members of the community who want to give me a hand up?